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In-line Polarizer 1310nm~1550nm

The In-line fiber optic polarizer can be used to convert un-polarized light into polarized light with a high extinction ratio. The polarizer can pass light with one specific polarization (slow or fast axis) while blocking the other polarization (fast or slow axis). The inline polarizer offers low loss, high extinction ratio and high return loss.



Low insertion lossOptical amplifer
Wide pass bandOptical network
Various coupling ratioPower monitoring
High stability and reliability

Fiber sensor

Epoxy free on optical path

The production workshop show

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Center Wavelength (nm)
1310 or 1550
Bandwidth (nm)±40
Typical Insertion Loss  (@23℃) (dB)0.3
 Insertion Loss  (@23℃)(dB)≤0.5
Typical Extinction Ratio (@23℃)(dB)30
Extinction Ratio (@23℃)(dB)≥25
Min. Return Loss (dB)
Operating Temperature (℃)0~+70
Storage Temperature (℃)-40~+85
Fiber TypePM Fiber or SMF-28e
Pacakge Dimension (mm)Φ5.5xL35


For device with connector, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5dB lower, ER is 2dB lower.

The default connector key is aligned to slow axis.