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40G QSFP+ Active Optical Cable OM3

QSFP+ Active Optic Cables are a high performance, low power consumption, long reach interconnect solution supporting 40G Ethernet, fiber channel and PCIe. It is compliant with the QSFP+ MSA and IEEE P802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4. Flyin QSFP+ AOC is an assembly of 4 full-duplex lanes, where each lane is capable of transmitting data at rates up to 10Gb/s, providing an aggregated rate of 40Gb/s. These AOCs can be used as an alternative solution to QSFP+ passive and active copper cables, while providing improved signal integrity, longer distances, superior electromagnetic immunity and better bit error rate performance.



Stable and Compatible.10G/40G Ethernet (10G/40GbE) .
Reliable VCSEL and PIN photonic devices.4G/ 8G/ 10G Fibre Channel.
Low power consumption.Proprietary high speed, high density data transmission.
Hot pluggable electrical interface.Switch and router high speed backplane interconnect.
Excellent high speed signal integrity.High performance computing, server and data storage.

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ModelRateInterfaceTransmission Distance
SINOC-QQA5-**MB25Gb/sSFP28 to SFP28**M(<100M)
SINOC-PP96-**MB10Gb/sSFP+ to SFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QQA4-**MB40Gb/sQSFP+ to QSFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QPA4-**MB40Gb/sQSFP+ to 4*SFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QQA5-**MB100Gb/sQSFP+ to QSFP+**M(<100M)
SINOC-QPA5-**MB100Gb/sQSFP+ to SFP28**M(<100M)