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100G QSFP28 to 4X25G SFP28 Breakout Active Optical Cable OM3

This product is a high data rate parallel active optical cable (AOC), to overcome the bandwidth limitation of traditional copper cable. The AOC is terminated with a QSFP28 module at one end and four SFP28 modules at the other. With the QSFP28 terminal, it offers 4 independent data transmission channels and 4 data receiving channels via multimode ribbon fibers, each capable of 25Gb/s operation.



4 independent full-duplex channels.100GEthernet .
Up to 25.78Gb/s data rate perchannelInfiniband EDR.
Low power consumption.
QSFP28 and SFP28 MSA compliant.

The production workshop show

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ModelRateInterfaceTransmission Distance
SINOC-QQA5-**MB25Gb/sSFP28 to SFP28**M(<100M)
SINOC-PP96-**MB10Gb/sSFP+ to SFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QQA4-**MB40Gb/sQSFP+ to QSFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QPA4-**MB40Gb/sQSFP+ to 4*SFP+**M(<300M)
SINOC-QQA5-**MB100Gb/sQSFP+ to QSFP+**M(<100M)
SINOC-QPA5-**MB100Gb/sQSFP+ to SFP28**M(<100M)